Stapleton's AMore Fiori owner Michelle in Denver, ColoradoMichelle Stefanon always loved beautiful things. And a trip to Italy over a decade ago taught her that an effective life-work balance is a beautiful thing.

“It seems like Europeans live very differently from us,” Stefanon says. “They believe that work, family and life in general can and should be intertwined. We work so much during our lives; we need to be passionate about what we do and play a little more. Experience more joy.”

In Italian, “fiori” means flowers, and “amore” means love. So upon her return, Stefanon blended her passion – the “love of flowers,” —and Stapleton’s Amore Fiori Flowers and Gifts was born.

Open since 2003, Stefanon deliberately chose Stapleton, particularly the Town Center, as the spot for her venture.

“Stapleton was just starting to be built, and it already had that feeling of community,” she says. “I wanted to know my customers personally, and that’s what the atmosphere in the Town Center offered. Some of my customers have been coming in since before they had children. Now I know their kids!”

Amore Fiori recreates the feeling of an outdoor Italian flower market filled with captivating gifts, seasonal décor, plants and a vibrant array of fresh flowers.

Her staff of seven flower and art design experts is available to bring beauty and joy all who enter the shop.

Visit Amore Fiori Flowers here +

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