Access to Inspire Elementary Campus

As Inspire Elementary prepares to open the 2018-2019 school year on its new campus at 56th and Galena in Stapleton, we would like to remind all parents, students, teachers and staff to observe the necessary precautions to insure their safety in traveling to and from the school which is surrounded by construction activity.

To assist you in that effort, we have prepared the map above that shows safe routes for pedestrian and bike travel (outlined in green).  This map also shows the construction fencing (outlined in red) that is designed to separate the school property from surrounding construction areas that are off limits to unauthorized access for safety reasons.

Download above map here.

Click here for a map of the school showing where children arriving to school should be dropped off and picked up.

Join us Saturday, June 29th as we celebrate the launch of North End neighborhood with the biggest party of the summer.