A Small Business Success Story

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Med-Fit is on a mission….

Med-Fit provides physician-supervised, custom weight management systems designed to help overweight and obese clients lose and maintain a healthy weight and overall, healthy lifestyle.

Owner, Dr. Angela Tran is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine.  Dr. Tran has lived in Stapleton with her husband for two years.  They love and support the healthy lifestyle philosophy in Stapleton.

In the year since Med-Fit opened its doors in the Central Park Professional Condominium building, their physician-supervised custom diet and fitness programs has produced success stories for her clients, as well as her business, with an average weight loss of 50 lbs., a growing client base and three full time employees, two medical assistants and a personal trainer.

From your first visit, Dr. Tran will personally access your medical and diet history, overall weight, family medical history, any barriers to weight loss success and perform an InBody 520 composition analysis (Reveals body mass index, water weight, lean body mass and even areas that may need more muscle development.)

“Physician-supervision is important as many clients have diabetes, require heart monitoring or have back, knee or joint pain” said Dr. Tran. “If needed, I can recommend a complete nutrition profile, EKG and fitness assessment.”

Liz Hoxeng, personal trainer at Med-Fit (pictured above) is also a success story with her personal weight loss of 70 lbs. Liz can relate to many clients and believes in slowly building-up cardio and strength.

“Unlike your typical gym, purchasing office space in Central Park Condominiums allowed me the opportunity to build-out our office space with an architect to provide a warm and inviting space,” said Dr. Tran. “Our office is filled with real life success stores, it’s truly motivating.”

Dr. Tran was also featured by Denver Metro SBDC – Check out the story +

Contact Med-Fit +

Med-Fit, PLLC
2373 Central Park Blvd. Suite 300
Denver, CO 80238

303.586.3943 (p)

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