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Neighborhood Low Down Denver, CO

Like much of Colorado, the Stapleton community is growing at a rapid pace. This can make it hard for perspective buyers to know which neighborhoods have new construction taking place. Lucky for you, we are here to help give you the low down on the neighborhoods that have homes being built.

  • Beeler Park– Looking for a wide variety of home choices? Beeler Park is the neighborhood for you. It is a perfectly balanced neighborhood, where the urban plan meets the Great Plains.
  • Bluff Lake– Are you a person who is always on the go yet loves a good view? Bluff Lake Neighborhood has you covered. It is the intersection of city and scenery.
  • Conservatory Green– Want to be near the shops and events? Conservatory Green is the neighborhood for you to call home. It is an evolution of neighborhood. Act fast though, this is your last chance to buy in this neighborhood.

Purchasing an affordable income-qualified home? These three neighborhoods have entry-level homes available for you.

  • Wicker Park– Do you prefer a smaller neighborhood with details inspired by nature? Then you will love Wicker Park. The neighborhood is a charming urban address.
  • Willow Park East– Want the modern look with an organic vibe? Willow Park East has you covered. This neighborhood is all about the city soul and prairie heart.
  • South End– One of the original neighborhoods. Enjoy the maturing trees or head to the town center for a bite and a drink. This neighborhood has a mix of uses for your ‘mix of interests.’

Already a resident or just want to learn more about the 11 neighborhoods? See them all here!

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