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Zero Energy Homes.  Rare. 

But you’ll find, not just one, but an entire community of Zero Energy homes at Stapleton and built by Thrive Home Builders.  Typically, if you can find a Zero Energy home, it’s either a ‘demonstration’ home or a custom home, but an entire community of Zero Energy homes is rare – and unique to Stapleton.

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A Zero Energy home means the home has the capability to produce as much energy as it consumes.  Zero Energy homes can produce utility-bill savings of as much $300 a month compared with typical resale homes equivalent to $100,000 in reduced costs over the course of a 30-year mortgage.  A Zero Energy home can shield you from increases in energy prices, and with every price increase, you save more money, and lower your month cost of owning your home.

Thrive Home Builders has brought “unique” to Stapleton for years.  Thrive Home Builders was Colorado’s first production builder to equip homes with solar panels as a standard feature; was among the first production builders to offer a net-zero energy option on all single-family homes in Denver, and was the first to use beetle-kill lumber in all its framing.

Thrive Builders strives for innovation, so ‘unique’ tends to follow.  In fact, for a second straight year, Thrive Home Builders was named the Grand Winner among production builders nationwide in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Housing Innovation Award for innovation and energy efficiency.  The DOE innovation awards recognize forward-thinking builders for delivering extraordinary energy efficiency while ensuring superior comfort, health and durability in new and existing homes.

And where will you find Thrive Home Builders?  At Stapleton, of course!