McAuliffe has an elective curriculum in language, technology, PE, visual and performing arts. . Swigert also has an international curriculum and is for gifted and talented students K-3.
Due to the DPS shared boundaries, McAuliffe is now located at 26th and Holly. Swigert continues to be located in Stapleton. The Denver Discovery Middle School shares its campus with Swigert.
For more information about Stapleton schools please visit Denver Public Schools.

Northfield High School, George Washington High School and East High School.
Stapleton’s new Northfield High School at 56th and Central Park Boulevard opened in August 2015.

For more information about schools in Stapleton visit Denver Public Schools and DSST Public Schools.
Denver School of Science & Technology (DSST) High School is granted through a lottery process. Learn more about enrollment.

Residents living in Stapleton’s 80010 Aurora zip code should refer to Aurora Public Schools.

This is the extension of Bluff Lake neighborhood; which sits within Aurora’s 80010 zip code. Children in this area will attend  Aurora Public Schools.