Affordable homes at Stapleton are provided through a partnership with the City & County of Denver.  The City of Denver also wants to ensure that homes are affordable to buyers.  The standard for “affordable” is that a household does not pay more than about a third of their income on a housing payment.  Denver requires that affordable homebuyers spend no more than 35% of their total household income on a mortgage payment and HOA dues.

This may be different than what your mortgage lender is able to approve, so it is important to understand the housing payment to income requirements of both the City of Denver and your mortgage lender.  Another area of difference is that the City of Denver’s affordable housing requirements take into account the total income of all household members who will be living in the home, while your mortgage lender takes into account the income of those responsible for the mortgage.  As a result, the income that the City of Denver uses to verify eligibility may be different than that used by your mortgage lender.  The key to a successful affordable home purchase is to understand these differences and make sure that you provide the requested documentation for each type of application.

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Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a tool of urban renewal that allows an urban renewal authority to leverage future increased sales and property taxes to help finance urban renewal projects. TIF funds can be generated using sales and/or property taxes in the redevelopment area. When an urban renewal plan is adopted, a tax base for that area is established and the existing taxing agencies (counties, metropolitan districts, schools, etc.) continue to receive that tax base during the urban renewal period. As redevelopment happens, any of the incremental taxes collected above that base amount are invested in the redevelopment itself, through infrastructure, environmental remediation, or other amenities for the public good.

For more information on the Stapleton TIF click here. 

Spruce Townhomes – Not a traditional yard. There is a grassy area out front, which severs as a shared space for all units.
Elements Collection – Not a traditional yard. There is a grassy area out front, which severs as a shared space for all units.
North End Rows – Small front yards available. It is an enclosed space from the patio to the sidewalk.
Intersection Rows – No yards
Freedom Townhomes – Small yard space in the back of the townhome.
David Weekley Rows – They are building in 3 neighborhoods. The row homes located in the Conservatory Green neighborhood will have gated front yards (3.5 foot wrought iron). The Bluff Lake and North End neighborhoods will only have the grassy areas out front and a private patio with no dedicated “private” yard.
Beacon Hill Collection – Small back patio/yard between the house and the garage. The Rockport (main floor master) townhome has a small yard area in front of the master bedroom.
Painted Ladies – Generally small yard for landscaping. No backyards.

We are currently selling homes in the North EndBeeler Park, Conservatory Green and Bluff Lake neighborhoods.

North End Neighborhood will be our final neighborhood.

Willow Park East neighborhood is Filing 45. Wicker Park is Filing 47. Beeler Park is Filing 49 and North End is made up of two fillings 54 (currently selling) and 57. Bluff Lake is Aurora Filing.

Market contingent, the anticipated completion is in 2025. The plan for residential development will continue north to 64th Avenue and east to Havana Street. The last square-mile area north of 56th Avenue and east of Dick’s Sporting Goods Park is currently designated as the neighborhoods north of 56th. The first of these neighborhoods is Beeler Park, which began selling  in late 2016. The last neighborhood is North End, which began selling in June of 2018.

We have a number of builders that offer main floor master suites/main floor bedroom. More information about  main floor bedrooms.

The affordable for-sale homes at Stapleton are currently offered by two different builders: Thrive Builders (formally New Town Builders) and Northeast Denver Housing Center. Both builders offer townhome options. Affordable for-rent housing is also available in Stapleton.
Please visit Stapleton’s affordable housing program and view the Affordable Housing brochure. You can also check out the Stapleton Made Affordable video.

While the Aster Conservatory Green are all market rate apartments, here is a list of affordable in-come qualified apartments you can find in Stapleton.

The telephone numbers for the affordable apartments for rent in Stapleton are:
Bluff Lake Apartments by Mercy Housing 303.800.9404
Clyburn Apartments (Senior Rentals) 303.388.1515
Central Park Apartments by Northeast Denver Housing 303.399.9337
Parkside Apartments by Mercy Housing 303.355.5444
Northfield Apartments by Northeast Denver Housing 303.399.9337

More information about Stapleton’s affordable rental program.

The single family rentals can be found in typical classified ads i.e.: CraigsList, the newssheet, Front Porch
or private management companies, such as TJC Management or the website

More information about  senior housing opportunities in Stapleton click here.

There will be 610 homes in the first phase of North End Neighborhood and 72 homes in the second phase of Bluff Lake (Aurora) Neighborhood.

The North End Neighborhood will continue to offer the new collections we began in Beeler Park. Find all home collections here. 

There will be 238 home lots plus a multi-family unit on the corner of Central Park Boulevard and Prairie
Meadows Drive. No pool is planned for the Wicker Park neighborhood; however, residents have access to the six
public pools located throughout the community.

Our builders will be CreekStone, Wonderland, KB Home, David Weekley and Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. For an overview, view the Bluff Lake neighborhood page.

All of the areas that are marked FIQH (future income qualified homes)are planned for FIQH to fulfill Forest City’s (now Brookfield Properties) 10% affordable for-sale and 20% affordable for-rent development obligations.

Please contact  Northeast Denver Housing for that information. They are the builder of the apartments.

There is no 55+ age restricted housing in the Aurora portion of Bluff Lake neighborhood; however, Boulder Creek offers patio homes and CreekStone offers single-level paired homes that might be appealing.

There will be 610 homes. The North End neighborhood will stand as a fitting tribute to some of Stapleton’s most exciting ideas. And yet, it is something altogether inspired in it’s own right. There will be a community pool in North End neighborhood. It will be the largest swimming pool and have water slides. Here is a link to the North End brochure.