Yes. The Rocky Mountain Arsenal is one of the most studied environmental cleanup sites in the nation. The national wildlife refuge was established with the approval of federal, state and local regulatory agencies following a comprehensive environmental cleanup that met strict federal and state standards. Thousands of visitors each year enjoy outdoor recreation, wildlife viewing and environmental education programs at the refuge.

Click Here to watch a video on the history of the refuge.

There are a variety of wildlife calling the Rocky Mountain Arsenal home, click here to see the seasons of wildlife,

Visiting the Refuge is free! The Wildlife Drive road conditions may be icy or snow packed in the winter, as the route is not always plowed. Trail conditions vary on the Refuge throughout the year so please be prepared. To protect wildlife, please stay on designated trails and roadways. Pets are not allowed but assistance dogs are welcome. Bicycling is allowed only from the Refuge entrance to the Visitor Center. The Refuge is open from sunrise to sunset and is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day only. The Visitor Center is closed on all Federal holidays. Enjoy your visit.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a tool of urban renewal that allows an urban renewal authority to leverage future increased sales and property taxes to help finance urban renewal projects. TIF funds can be generated using sales and/or property taxes in the redevelopment area. When an urban renewal plan is adopted, a tax base for that area is established and the existing taxing agencies (counties, metropolitan districts, schools, etc.) continue to receive that tax base during the urban renewal period. As redevelopment happens, any of the incremental taxes collected above that base amount are invested in the redevelopment itself, through infrastructure, environmental remediation, or other amenities for the public good.

For more information on the Stapleton TIF click here. 

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Financing and Building Future Infrastructure in Stapleton

The University of Colorado A Line commuter rail stop Central Park Commuter Rail Station, opened in April 2016. The A Line provides service to DIA to the east and Downtown Denver’s Union Station to the west. The latter will provide transportation connections throughout the rest of the metro area including Westminster.
For more information about metro area rail line services see RTD.

No roosters are allowed. The City of Denver allows up to eight chickens, but there must be 16 square feet of permeable space per chicken, so the amount allowed will depend upon the size of your yard.

Download Denver’s city code for food producing animals for more information.

All services and school options for the new Bluff Lake (Aurora Section) fall within the purview of the Aurora municipality.  Find out who to contact here. 

Stapleton property taxpayers pay an extra mil levy for the development of infrastructure
throughout Stapleton. All property in Stapleton is included in the Westerly Creek Metro District. The 55 mills fund local infrastructure including streets, alleys, and parks. This mill levy is not for schools. The residents in the Aurora portion of the Bluff Lake Neighborhood will pay the Aurora tax rate of approximately 104 mils plus 55 mils to the Westerly Creek Metro District, so a total mill levy of approx. 159

Campers can’t be parked in the alley; nor can they be parked on the street without a city permit. They can be parked in your driveway.

Stapleton pools are managed by the Master Community Association (MCA), which essentially function as the community HOA. Parks such as Founders Green in the E. 29th Avenue Town Center and Conservatory Green Park & Plaza in the Conservatory Green neighborhood and the small “pocket parks” located throughout Stapleton are also managed by the MCA. Larger parks such as Central Park,
Westerly Creek and Greenway Park have been conveyed to the City of Denver for management by
Denver Parks and Recreation.
Visit Stapleton Master Community Association for more information about Stapleton’s managed parks and pools.
More information about Stapleton’s parks managed by Denver Parks and Recreation.

No, it is a private entity. Find additional information on the  Victory Crossing Development.

Continuing with Stapleton’s vision of sustainability, local transportation will certainly be a topic of discussion. In fact, said discussions are in the early, early stages. Follow and learn more about these discussions.

Construction has begun to extend MLK Blvd to Peoria St. Project is estimated to be completed by the end for 2019. Read more here. 

Please refer to this  website for information on expected traffic patterns.

Residents at Stapleton understand they are trading off large yards for all of the open space. Open space at build out is 1,116 acres of parks and open space.” Learn more about Stapleton’s 55+ parks and review the variety of outdoor options available just steps from every home in Stapleton.

Local transportation  discussions have already begun for the entire community. If you have specific routes you want information on, you can visit the  Regional Transportation District (RTD) website.

You can find crime statistics on the following Denver Police Department website.

The City and County of Denver Parks & Recreation

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the RTD Customer Services by email or by phone at 303.299.6000.

Kappa Housing was awarded 9% low-income housing tax credits from CHFA and will finalize design and financing on a 70-unit senior affordable housing apartment building, which will sit on 1.98 acres donated by Brookfield Properties. Kappa is approximately scheduled to break ground in fall 2019.

Prior to the start of development of the parcels of Stapleton (south of 26th Avenue) that lie in Aurora, an agreement with the City of Aurora was  negotiated that provides for Stapleton’s Park Creek Metro District to construct  drainage improvements to address the flooding that had occurred in the past.  Those improvements come in the form of a drainage channel that has been constructed as part of the residential and open space development.  Please see homebuilder for details.

The ten acre site west of Oswego is planned for market-rate apartments.  Nothing to report at this time about the six acre commercial parcel at MLK and Peoria.

For the single family homes, we expect to use builders already building at Stapleton, just as we did in the Aurora portion of the Bluff Lake Neighborhood to the west.  We have not yet assigned those builders parcels.

Denver Police Department District 5’s non-emergency line is 720.913.2000

Forest City’s current operating structure is aligned with that of Brookfield Properties and will strengthen and grow the operation business or in the case of Apartments, support the creation of a new operating business. Forest City businesses will transition in the following way, development associates supporting the West Coast and Denver will join Brookfield Properties’ mixed-use development group.

All branding will become Brookfield Properties.