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We didn’t start out thinking that CreekStone Homes would grow to be one of the largest woman-owned home building companies in the state of Colorado. That just sort of happened. What we started out thinking is that we’d simply be the best! But, over the last 20+ years, we’ve learned that having the unique inspiration of a woman founder, builder and designer gives us more than just a cool talking point. When you think about it, who could create “home” better?

So, we want you to know who we are and how we think, because it matters. Along the lines of “a home is more than just a building,” these are a few things we believe in:

THOUGHTFUL SQUARE FOOTAGE : Innovative new features in our Approach Collection leave little need for clutter, bringing simplified living and a valueable lifestyle.

BUILT-IN INTELLECT: From high energy efficiency to intelligent layouts and brilliant designs, we bring a smart approach to comfortable living.

NOT JUST ANOTHER PRETTY FACADE: Our homes are about the art of blending substance with style. We’ll make certain that your home is as solid as it is stunning.

COME HOME TO MORE: Experience life in a space that feels like so much more than the sum of it’s measurments.

In short, let’s just say, “Inspiration Comes Standard”. We cordially invite you to experience CreekStone Homes, and be inspired. Learn more here. 

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