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2012 Dogs of Stapleton Calendar | Stapleton Denver

A Dog’s Perspective

Posted on December 13, 2011

Woof! Woof! We’re so happy that our mom submitted our photo for the 2012 Dogs of Stapleton Calendar. Now, we’re cover models!

Since we’re so famous, we thought you might want to know a little bit more about us …

I’m Ella Mae, and my brother is Socrates. I go by Ella, and when our photo was taken, I was just a baby. But now, I’m 6 months old, and I just graduated from puppy training classes. My brother is really old – he’s 10!

Anyway, what are your questions? …

Forest City Stapleton: What’s your breed?

Ella: What do you mean?

Forest City Stapleton: What type of dog are you?

Ella: Ohhhhh … my mom says I’m a Yellow Labrador Retriever, which I think means I have a lot of energy. And my brother is a Golden Retriever.

Forest City Stapleton: How long have you lived in Stapleton?

Ella: I moved here when I was 10 weeks old and my brother moved five years ago. 

Forest City Stapleton: Interesting. Why did your mom decide to buy a house here?

Ella: She knows dogs like to walk, and there are lots of trails and parks here. My brother and I are sooooooooooo famous too – everyone says hi to us when we walk by!

Forest City Stapleton: We believe it. What’s your favorite park?

Ella:We really like Westerly Creek and there’s a little park by Hanover Court that we always play in … all these questions are making me want to go outside! Are we done yet? …

Forest City Stapleton: Just a few more questions. What’s your favorite event in the East 29th Avenue Town Center?

Ella: Ohhhh, my gosh … there are so many! We like the Farmers Market, especially when they have stuff for dogs.

Forest City Stapleton: That’s one of our favorites too! What sports do you play?

Ella: Tug of war! My mom or brother hold one side of the rope and I pull as hard as I can … I usually win.

Forest City Stapleton: Fun! Last question: Why should other dogs move here?

Ella: Stapleton is good for dogs and friendly to the environment … besides, there are so many places to play!

Forest City Stapleton: We agree. Thank you for your time!

Click here to learn more about the 2012 Dogs of Stapleton Calendar and see photos of next year’s winners! 

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