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Central Park Apartments

Denver Affordable Homes at Stapleton

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Questions About Income-Certification on For-Sale Homes? (Not Sales or Rentals)

It doesn't matter what you call it; it matters what it means. To Stapleton, affordable living is just that and at Stapleton there are a wide range of housing choices and price ranges to ensure diversity in age, income and household types in our community. Homes  are designed to be affordable today, and remain affordable tomorrow.

Affordable Housing Plan
Income qualified homes at Stapleton are part of the City and County of Denver's efforts to provide high-quality housing options for hard-working people who might not otherwise find Denver an affordable place to live. Learn more about Denver’s Affordable Housing Program!
The Stapleton Affordable Housing Plan calls for 10% of for sale homes and 20% of rental homes to be income qualified. Who lives in these homes? At Stapleton it is people with a variety of jobs, just like throughout the entire Stapleton community, such as teachers, nurses and retail clerks. It's people who are attracted by the amenities of Stapleton and who contribute to the strength of the community.
Stapleton’s newest rental is Bluff Lake Apartment Homes, with 92 income-qualified apartments.
Mercy Housing has finished construction on the apartments that range from 402 square feet to 1,261 square feet. They include 36 one-, 46 two- and 10 three-bedroom homes. Fifty percent of the apartments are dedicated to assisting families in transition as part of the Denver's Road Home initiative to end homelessness. Rent ranges from $400 to $950 per month, based on family size and income level. 
Northeast Denver Housing's Spruce Townhomes are also under construction: Learn more about the for-sale homes!
Affordable Housing Locations
The Affordable Housing map identifies current and future affordable for-sale and rental properties at Stapleton. Download it now.

Affordability Covenants
In order to maintain affordability for future buyers, these homes carry resale covenants. You should be sure to read and completely understand the Stapleton Affordable Housing Covenant. For example, the purchase of any home in the Stapleton Affordable Housing Plan requires that you occupy your home as your primary residence—these homes may not be used for rental investment. And when you are ready to sell your home, the resale pricing is restricted and the buyer must also income qualify to purchase the home at the reduced resale price. There is much more information contained in this document, and you should be sure to be familiar with the contents.

Contact for Renters*
If you are interested in renting, please contact the individual rental properties directly. Rental income certifications are completed by the individual properties and have very different income qualifications from the homeownership program.
*The qualifying income amount for rental properties varies depending on the property. Call the income qualified rental properties to find out their income ranges.
Preferred Lenders
Preferred lenders have specialized training and understand the Stapleton Affordable Housing Plan, which ensures that your loan will be handled smoothly and in a timely fashion. All loans have been pre-approved to be compatible with the Stapleton affordability covenants.

Credit History
Credit is a crucial part of borrowing money. Your "credit" is the history of how you have used money in the past. You will gain valuable information about credit from a Homebuyer Education Class. Colorado residents can get a free copy of their credit report from each of the credit reporting agencies annually upon request. Review each report carefully, making sure all information is correct. Preferred lenders will be happy to assist you.
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